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What To Consider Before Adoption

A wonderful pet can add love, fun, joy and companionship to your life.  There is even evidence to suggest that having a companion animal can improve your spiritual and physical health. 

Pets will give back to you the same amount of love, companionship and patience that you give them.  Therein lies the secret to having a good animal companion.  If you do not have the time, finances and patience to devote to a new pet, you will not develop the type of loving relationship that you would like to have with him.  Thousands of animals are returned to shelters each year because the person who adopted them was not prepared for the commitment that it takes to develop and nurture the relationship with a new pet.

There are many things to consider when deciding about adopting a new animal friend.  These include:

1.  Is this the right time for you to adopt a new pet?

2.  Are you prepared for the commitment that having a new pet will take?

3.  What type and age of pet will best suit your expectations and situation?

4.  What are the advantages of adopting a companion animal from a shelter or rescue group?

 Click the links above to look at each of these four aspects individually:

Adoption Documents

Application for Adoption of a Cat or Kittens

Adoption Agreement for Cats or Kittens

Application for Adoption of a Dog or Puppy

Adoption Agreement for Dogs or Puppies




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